Johnny Amaro

Assistant Hairstylist

Johnny was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. During his young adult life, he moved from Rosemead, California to West Hollywood, California. He took on many artistic challenges from interior design, painting, writing poetry and making custom tint sun glasses. When he was 29 he moved to Palm Springs. He started to miss his creative outlet and began restoring old furniture on his down time. It wasn’t until he drove by International School of Beauty in Palm Desert, California that he thought he could turn his artistic passion into a career. While attending cosmetology school, he fell in love with the beauty industry. After 4 years of living in Palm Springs and 14 months in cosmetology school, Los Angeles was calling Johnny’s name. He got a stroke of luck in the beauty industry thanks to social media. He made friends with the make up artist of the year. That friendship exposed and enriched Johnny’s ambition. It showed Johnny what he needed to do to thrive in the hair industry. This ignited a new fire in him. Johnny began looking for work and found himself assisting Master Stylist Elisa Hagan at Beauty Beach Lounge where he is now perfecting his craft.